My heated floors stopped working

The other day I had an issue with my heated floors.

Like always, I go to work, do that whole thing for 8 hours and then head home and rip my shoes and socks off and feel the warmth of the heated flooring.

That day was different from the last few weeks. I just had the heated floors installed a few weeks ago and it was one of the greatest investments I made in my whole life. I loved not wearing socks at home and still feeling warm. There are times when my feet are too warm but that doesn’t happen often. Out of the 3 weeks I’ve had the heated floors, I may have He just sits there and hums some music and smiles. I love that they are in their comfort and just enjoying what they have. I let the fireplace die out one night after grandma fell asleep in her chair. I can say she slept for like 5 minutes, and then she was in a temper. She yelled you had one job Michael, which was throwing on a couple of logs. Overall, she doesn’t get angry with me, but I know not to mess with her either.turned them off twice. I was pretty upset that they were not working due to the cost of an HVAC technician coming out and installing them. I wouldn’t know where to start and I was extremely happy with the outcome and how fast it was for him to install the heated flooring. I was happy until I keep saying the other day, it was a Friday and I was just looking forward to a long weekend of relaxation and no stress or drama. I had to call the HVAC company and explain what the issue was and they sent out an HVAC technician the very next day. I was at least happy they had someone come out as fast as they did. It didn’t take the heating and cooling expert long to figure out the issue. Apparently, I had a blown fuse and he just quickly replaced that. I made sure to pay attention so I can do that in the future. It was such a simple fix as well.

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