My husband accidentally damaged the furnace

My husband ended up tearing up our furnace last week when he was trying to fix it, and he didn’t want to have to call the local Heating and Air Conditioning company to have them come out and fix it for us because he didn’t want to pay a big repair bill, but I wish that he would not be so cheap when it comes to things like heating and cooling repair bills.

He’s constantly this way and he constantly tries to fix everything himself, although I have little confidence in the fact that he will ever be able to do it. He is just not that handy when it comes to doing things around the house. He’s pretty smart with other things like cars and truck repairs, however he’s just not good at things like Heating and Air Conditioning repairs and plumbing. It’s really annoying to me whenever he tries to tackle things like fixing our oil furnace, because that’s absolutely something that can be really dangerous if you do not know what you’re doing. Since he has never had any sort of heating and cooling certification training at all, he has absolutely no clue about it. And yet he continues to try and fix things like that himself. I’m afraid that one day he might end up blowing our entire home up sky high! The last time that he tried to fix it, he ended up cutting it up more than it was to start with and all of us had to call an Heating and Air Conditioning company to come and fix it anyway. That was super annoying and we got into a big confrontation about it. The next time all of us have troubles with our Heating and Air Conditioning system, I’m calling the professionals to fix it myself.

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