My pot dealer became an HVAC tech

Before Sisco was my A/C tech, he was my pot dealer.

I’ve known him for several years, and at first it was just a business relationship. Slowly it evolved into a friendly, but recently it has gone back to being a business relationship. Sisco was the type of guy who worked three jobs, and sold weed on the side to make ends meet. After buying cannabis from him for a while, Sisco and I really hit it off and started hanging out together. That’s when I found out that in addition to his jobs and his weed business, he was taking night classes to learn HVAC repair. He wanted to earn a certification in HVAC work so he could get a better job and quit everything else he was doing. I came to find out that the HVAC industry is one of the best-paying fields in the country for people without a college degree. Anyone with the time and dedication can work to achieve an HVAC certification, and then they have a lot of options for employment. I was really happy for Sisco, because he wanted to provide a stable life for his daughter, but I didn’t want him to stop selling weed because of his HVAC work. Once he earned that HVAC certification he stopped selling marijuana… to everyone else but me! Now Sisco is my regular heating and cooling repair tech, and every time he comes over for a service call he brings some cannabis for me. It’s so nice to have a guy who’s a friend, a dealer, and an HVAC tech.

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