My sister is the only woman I know in the HVAC business

My sister is the only woman I know who is in the HVAC business.

I guess it is still a men’s business, even in this century.

Most of the women that I know would not be the least bit interested in heating and cooling, and my sister was really very different from most of the girls that we grew up with. While we were out playing with dolls and makeup, my sister was always out climbing trees or helping our dad out with repairs around the house with or working on the car or the furnace and air conditioning system. We don’t have a brother and so my dad taught her everything he probably would have taught to a boy if he had had a son! She always just seemed to enjoy that kind of thing, even from a very young age. So we weren’t all that surprised whenever she told us that she was going to go to our local technical school after she finished up with high school. She said that she wanted to get her heating and cooling certification and she was the only girl in her entire program. She was totally fine with that, though, since she said that she was expecting that when she went into it. Now, she’s been working as an HVAC technician for about ten years and she really loves it. Even though she is the only woman I know who works in the HVAC field, she is very fulfilled in her job and she says that she could never see herself doing any other kind of work.


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