My uncle's home comfort business

My uncle Tom and his wife Bella invited me over to their home during the holidays.

And since I loved them so much, I couldn’t refuse to go. Uncle Tom is the younger brother of my Dad. They do not have any children yet since they are just a young couple and have been married for two years. Uncle Tom owns a home comfort business and is also an HVAC technician. I often visited my uncle’s business during my stay there, and I learned a lot about thermostats, heat, and AC products. During one of my visits to the company, I saw a post written commercial HVAC on sale. When I asked uncle Tom about it, he explained that there are different heating pieces of equipment of different types; some used for residential purposes and others for commercial. He added by saying he is also a commercial HVAC provider and sells the other products. He also explained that he also offers his customers HVAC tune-up services. As I walked around the shop, there were many types of equipment and some I had never seen before. I kept asking my uncle So many questions, and he decided to teach me about all the gears. He kept giving them different names such as the ductless HVAC, dial thermostat, furnace, and he also sold new HVAC systems. He was pretty knowledgeable about the equipment. Before he started his own business, he worked in an HVAC company and realized he loved working with this equipments. He finally decided to start his own business where he sold quality HVAC equipment to help with indoor comfort.

Heating tune up