Next time I’m here I might have to buy a car

I think I’m going to be taking another day of rest before beginning the task of painting my mom’s house.

I just painted the whole outside of my sibling’s lake house so I really need to rest for another day before starting mom’s painting task. I am here on holiday for three or four more weeks and I would like to earn a little bit of cash so that I can cover the cost of my trip here. I also had to rent a car. That set me back about $3600, which makes me think that I’d be better off buying a used car next time I come here. I have an up-to-date little car that has freezing cold A/C in it. I would like to get something similar that gets superb gas mileage like this one. I’ve had older cars before and they always seemed to have trouble during the summer! The A/C system would always stop working. They would work just fine for a while when I first got the car and then slowly the frigid air would slowly just disappear. I guess some people just charge the cooling plan of the car before they sell it and then when you’ve had it for a little while all of the coolant disappears. Then you’re left with a hot car wondering exactly what went wrong. There’s all kinds of tricks that dishonest people do to cars to keep them running a bit longer just before they sell it, the best one being sawdust in the transmission fluid! Once I had a heat pump go on one of my cars the day after I purchased it, but the previous owner legitimately paid for the repair.

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