Old Man Wintertide is Finally Losing Her Grip on Us

So this month is March 7th and I am living in a small southern Spanish beach town on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea. The weather has been cold here, about 55F while in the day and maybe 45F at evening, but it looks like this month all of us are going to hit 71F. I can finally turn off my furnace and give my smart control unit a rest for the first time in about more than five weeks. I am ready to go back beach condo and visit my family for the first time in almost more than two years, jeez I miss my Dad so much. I plan on helping her with her Heating, Ventilation plus A/C system by going to the local business and getting a cleaning kit for her central heat and air conditioner unit. The two of us are going to tune it up and clean it while I am there because she does not have a lot of money to get it done. I assume she does have the money even though she just wants me to help her do it so I am around more. I was a certified Heating, Ventilation plus A/C tech a long time ago so Dad knows that I am totally capable of doing the task myself. I would like it if she cooked one of my number one more than two meals she makes; stuffed pork chops, ham slab with noodles, or meatloaf. I would be excited to tune up her Heating, Ventilation plus A/C system if she made one of those meals. If she made all more than two of them while I’m back after that I will do a full service task on her central heating unit.



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