Our hotel view was spectacular and so was the fireplace

I like to drop the kids off with my mom and dad so that my wife and I can have a weekend away. I don’t get a chance to spend the weekend with my wife very often, because both of us are very busy with work. My wife works in an office in the city. She leaves on the train at 6:00 in the morning and she doesn’t get home until the kids are getting ready to go to bed. I work at home in an office and the kids are with me. Every once in a while my wife will take the whole weekend off work and turn the phone off. When we can get away, I take the kids to see my mom and dad. They love going to the farm. We live closer to the city, but my mom and dad live in the country and they have chickens. The kids like to chase the chickens around the farm and it’s nice for them to be in nature. When my wife and I had our last weekend away, it was Winter time. We decided to go to a ski resort about 2 hours away. We drove the new jeep with four wheel drive just in case the roads were a mess. Our hotel view was spectacular and so was the fireplace. We had a wood burning fireplace right inside of our room. The wood for the fireplace was freshly stacked outside of our room every single morning. We had a fresh stack on Friday, Saturday, and even Sunday morning. We also had VIP access to the slopes.

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