Heating system let us down

My buddy Brian’s beach house isn’t definitely that bad. Yeah, Brain moved in over 13 years ago, but the beach house was modern at that time. Still, it seems as if it was only last year that he moved in and all of us followed the house inspector around the place! Brian’s beach house is… Read more Heating system let us down

Smart thermostat present

As I was browsing a house improvement store just this past weekend, searching for the perfect gift for my partner, I had noticed that they had their very own smart temperature controls right on sale. I had never considered buying a smart temperature control system. A smart temperature control would be a really great Christmas… Read more Smart thermostat present

Terrible day with no a/c

I had a real bad day just last Monday. It was a stressful day at the office.   Nothing went my way. I had failed to make a deadline and I  got an earful from the boss. It was awful, but not really my  fault.  I was under pressure to finish,  but the  other departments didn’t… Read more Terrible day with no a/c

Day to day in HVAC

I have been working as an Heating and Air Conditioning serviceman for a few years now.  I adore my work.  I don’t have to put on a stuffy suit plus tie to do my job, I don’t have to rest in a workspace, plus I can figure I am helping people.  I also adore knowing… Read more Day to day in HVAC

AC that is ductfree

My friends Glory & Gim recently bought a home; the house is about 78 years outdated & quite large. It is lovely both all through the inside & out, & the previous house owners throughout the years have taken good care of it. At some point one of the owners added on an addition to… Read more AC that is ductfree

Putting up the HVAC

I am regularly looking to help people whenever I think it’s possible. It is area of who I am. My dear church teaches that we should help our fellow man always, & so I intend to regularly do so, but it is really just not as simple to help as it has been years in… Read more Putting up the HVAC