AC out on the sea

A few years ago my wife and I took the most incredible getaway! The two of us always made jokes about not coming back home from a getaway, but this was the one time I wasn’t joking.  I found myself looking at the classified ads for local jobs while I was there, but we ended… Read more AC out on the sea

My heated floor plan

If all goes as I’ve planned, our house is going to be equipped with a radiant flooring system. This was a feature that I insisted on having installed in the home because we  live in one of the coldest areas of the nation.  We’re located in  northeast and  a great heating plan is as necessary… Read more My heated floor plan

Dad knows HVAC

My father was employed as an HVAC mechanic, so anytime we had problems with our heating and cooling system, he knew exactly how to handle it. This was a huge benefit because we lived in an older home with outdated appliances. The HVAC unit we had for several years was always in need of some… Read more Dad knows HVAC

AC down on the job

I finally got a job after school. My parents are actually strict about our grades along with schooling. College will depend upon how many scholarships we get. So, they don’t want us to perform anything that will take from our education. But, it can be so annoying. All of my friends have jobs and lots… Read more AC down on the job

Danger with a gas furnace

People don’t affiliate carbon monoxide poisoning with heaters anymore. But, the the reality is, there are a lot of gas heaters out there that still have this element. While, people use all kinds of modern heaters, they forget this too easily. We bought an old Victorian house last year. It really needed a ton of… Read more Danger with a gas furnace

Neighbor telling me about HVAC

I don’t want to sound like a whiner, but I’m lacking some important life skills because I grew up without a father. My father was absent growing up, after he was permanently removed from my life after he became a violent and abusive alcoholic. Ultimately, I missed out on some important fatherly lessons, which continues… Read more Neighbor telling me about HVAC

Love climate control

I have to say, I feel like people are a little too entitled and spoiled these days. Everyone seems to think that they deserve to live in their own little Taj Mahal, without having done any of the task to earn this lifestyle for themselves. It’s like everybody thinks that they’re a celebrity or the… Read more Love climate control

Cords with a/c

Can you imagine when the worst time is for an Heating, Ventilation, and A/C unit to completely break down in a shopping mall? Christmas. That is exactly what happened earlier this week at the local mall where I work as a Christmas hire. The entire mall has a single heating and cooling system for each… Read more Cords with a/c

AC provider in town

I prefer our kitchen, because I am a private caterer with a small business. I get a pretty steady pace of parties so my kitchen is everything to me. It has to be. I am in it all morning. And if our kitchen is not functioning correctly then I can not produce good meals. More… Read more AC provider in town

Stove heater device

I live in a very old run down building; It is the price you pay when wanting to rent in this overpopulated city. It is too crowded with tech industry workers. I grew up in the city and miss the days when it was affordable. It used to provide so much more to kids than… Read more Stove heater device