I’m very excited right now

My grandad is a very interesting person. He served during World Showdown 2, as part of this infantry in France, and has been a prisoner of war with two different occasions. Most times, he now sits over the front porch, smoking cigars and drinking wine from the bottle. He listens to old music in the… Read more I’m very excited right now

the best heating units

Over time, I have developed a reputation in my neighborhood. We are a modest enclave, in the middle in the large city yet we sense that our own little town. May possibly lived here my entire lifestyle, as my parents did prior to when me, so my name carries a couple pounds on these streets.… Read more the best heating units

Nobody likes dog hair

I really love my dog but the summers can be so annoying as he he sheds so severely! There is hair everywhere. I have to sweep my house literally daily, because if I don’t sweep the idea gets really bad. I recall an episode where I was sitting at my table in the kitchen eating… Read more Nobody likes dog hair

A portable heater

Within my time off I decided to travel, my only choice of destination being south. I was excited to go. That morning I had to be travelling by 6am and it was sadly very cold and rainy. I took a couple extra moments to brace myself, curled up with my space heater cleverly designed like… Read more A portable heater

What a cold winter

Wintertime is one of my great loves. I find something so cleansing about the cold air. Winter is the period of stillness that comes before the rebirth of spring. Playing in the snow was one of my favorite things when I was younger. Honestly, I still really enjoy the occasional sled ride now that I’m… Read more What a cold winter

Heating repairs

Have you ever fallen victim to the false assumption that you could fix something around the house by yourself? This happens to me all the time. Occasionally I have managed, but in the case of seeking to repair my heating system, I had a rough time. When I have these sorts of troubles it often… Read more Heating repairs

This is quite concerning

I run a smaller catering business out of my deep south home. The weather is usually consistently hot and humid. It’s very rare that we need to run the heater. Air conditioner? Another story. It’s beautiful hum is the soundtrack to my days, since i have am basically always in the kitchen with the hot… Read more This is quite concerning