Heating from the ground up

Not long ago I took an amazing one-week trip abroad and had the pleasure of staying with my best friend’s aunt. The aunt’s home was incredible! The best part was that after a long day of sightseeing in the cold we came back for a wonderfully heated home with temperature controlled floors! This was my… Read more Heating from the ground up

Living in the deep south

There was this old, used furniture store just around the corner from where my family lived when I was growing up. My siblings and I walked up to enjoy the shop owner’s candy machine and air conditioning. This was back in the mid-1950s when vending machines and air conditioning where kind of unfamiliar compared to… Read more Living in the deep south

Temperature swings

Last month was an exceedingly hard month. I am a good athlete at my local high school and I rough my body up on a daily basis. I play football, basketball, wrestling, hockey, and baseball. I’m overwhelmingly busy all year round. I never get to chill for lots of days between seasons. Last month I… Read more Temperature swings

This is how service works

You’ll find an air conditioner and heater system in my home, but my heater only blows out warm air using emergency heat setting. We were planning to save money, so we continued to employ emergency heat. It didn’t matter to us how we got heat, as long as it was warm. The whole month of… Read more This is how service works

Tinkering the furnace

I woke up late one morning and really had to rush through my morning routine. I was about to be late for work! I sped out of my own bed and made my caffeine really fast. I can’t proceed with a morning without coffee, tardy or not. I threw on some clothes and bolted right… Read more Tinkering the furnace