Trying to get the air conditioner and furnace ready for the new baby

My early 20s were a trying time in my life.  College was extraordinarily difficult and full of a rollercoaster of emotions between relationships, fear over the eventual future, and the feeling of vertigo you get when looking at yourself in the shadow of your past and history.  I lost three grandparents in the course of… Read more Trying to get the air conditioner and furnace ready for the new baby


Promises, promises, promises, made to be made and broken. Politicians make them by the dozen at election time, and everybody is surprised when they manage to keep one or two. Promises are made all over the place – in business and industry, in our day ro day family relationships, and  with our friends and acquaintances,… Read more THE AIR HANDLER


  I left the HVAC store, went home and threw myself into making everything in the house glisten and shine. No corner was left untouched. I cleaned and scrubbed till my pots and pans would have screamed if they had mouths. I was so hyped and anxious that I felt like a woman with the… Read more AWAITING THE TECHS

No a/c, no repairman

It’s pretty crazy when you realize just how helpless you can end up when somebody you rely on is not available in your time of need! A few days ago my wife and I had the longest and most miserable week in a very long time. We had been living in a small one room… Read more No a/c, no repairman