The types of cooling filters

Did you suppose that many air purification systems absolutely can function with two types of filters? While there are those models that contain filters which can be washed and put back, the smartest option is the air purification unit which works with several filter systems. Even though this model of a system can appear expensive… Read more The types of cooling filters

Kid wondering about our HVAC

Having smart children undoubtedly keeps a parent more alert.  I got this after raising three girls. Each one of them were seriously curious as well as smart.  I had to always give my attention to their questions as well as listen when they were curious about a topic.  If they were not pleased with an… Read more Kid wondering about our HVAC

Want a better a/c system

After 25 years working in the same tiny office downtown, i decided it was time to retire and relax. Living in the northeast could be rough: quite cold in the Wintertime and often steamy hot and humid during parts of the Summer season.  My husband and I had longed dreamed of moving to the Pacific… Read more Want a better a/c system

HVAC equipment costs

There are several seasoned sayings that I hear people use quite often: know-how is power and ignorance is bliss.  Have you ever thought about a situation that would have had a completely different outcome for you if only you had a little more know-how on the topic? The first example that comes to mind that… Read more HVAC equipment costs

Mechanical issues on the HVAC

I recently and have found myself reading more about lake house repairs in addition to mechanical functions than I ever wanted to.  It has been a strenuous but lovely journey as I have had to become self sufficient in order to save time in addition to cash on relative straight-forward repairs.  I now know how… Read more Mechanical issues on the HVAC