Houseboat ductless HVAC

I don’t believe I’ve ever experienced a Christmas so beautiful as my first one on my houseboat! Just over the Summer I was finally able to fulfill my lifelong dream of getting away from the town and enjoying life on my own terms.  Now I’m on my own houseboat, doing freelance job as it pleases… Read more Houseboat ductless HVAC

Doing HVAC on the side

People guess freelancing is some sort of lazy job that millennials do because they don’t want a full time work, but it’s not. Working as a freelancer is gruelling… You have to take a lot of projects you may not want to do just to make ends meet. However then since you’re not full time,… Read more Doing HVAC on the side

Happy to have heated floors

The other day, a friend of mine kept saying how the best kind of heating idea radiant heated flooring. I  was skeptical of that and said, “Don’t those radiant heated floors cost a lot of money?” He was saying that while they are costly to have installed because you have to rip up the flooring… Read more Happy to have heated floors