I am sore-HVAC

Last month I did a number on my back, and I don’t know what did to it.  For a few days I couldn’t move my back in any direction. It felt love lightning bolts going up my spine! I had to take 3 days off of work to rest in bed.  During that time, I… Read more I am sore-HVAC

AC for after a mow

Our area of the country just went through a major storm.  My home made it through unscathed, but my yard was a totally different story.  I have a massive yard with tons of trees, so it was full of random branches that fell from the wind. It took me about two weeks just to clean… Read more AC for after a mow

Heating system did her in

I will never forget the night my child Alice ran away with a group of her friends in addition to came apartment literally frozen to death. I warned her about hanging out with that crowd, but we had just moved in addition to she was lonely, in addition to according to her, they had asked… Read more Heating system did her in

Losing our HVAC

The next time someone offers you an insurance policy or lifetime warranty for something you are going to buy, take the offer. About a week ago my partner in addition to I updated our Heating in addition to Air Conditioning system. The two of us bought an up-to-date high-efficiency air conditioner to update the old… Read more Losing our HVAC

maintenance plan in HVAC

I’m a bit stubborn when it comes to spending cash; I appreciate being able to save as much cash as I can, and I will take a long time to shell out cash if I don’t believe it’s fully necessary… For instance, I will wear holey shoes for months, duct tape appliances back together for… Read more maintenance plan in HVAC

Bad HVAC professional

I’m a firm believer in trusting your instincts; I guess that the people we all inherently think when things are not okay. It’s imperative to listen to your body when it’s trying to tell you something. Trusting your instincts can be related to any number of scenarios. Although I think it’s most substantial for me… Read more Bad HVAC professional

Furniture making and a/c

I’ve recently moved to a brand new place and decided to occupy my time with a more fulfilling career. Prior to this I had a boring office job that required a ton of arduous paperwork. My coworkers were fools and left me irritated every morning; not to mention worrying about the people I was overseeing… Read more Furniture making and a/c

Rental heater issues

We have absolutely enjoyed the AirBnB culture lately; We set up a cottage in our own new home as an AirBnB this last Spring, however the two of us had yet to try one ourselves, then recently, the two of us ventured out to our legitimately first on a legitimately beautiful little farm; Other people… Read more Rental heater issues