Whole home air and heat

The Grand Canyon is definitely just about the most beautiful places I have ever visited in all of my travels. And I should know, I’ve driven almost everyone a person might drive in North America, and seen a lot of great things. I’ve been to Mount Rushmore, the swamps of Louisiana, and the capitol building… Read more Whole home air and heat

Indoor air quality

After about a year of saving up, my family and i got to go on much of our first cruise. Our trip was a week long cruise up the shoreline of Alaska. Not only would we get to see the tremendous amount of sea life, but not only would we get to take pleasure in… Read more Indoor air quality

I would love a new thermostat

I now live in a pretty safe region, so far as natural disasters go. We don’t live close sea, so there’s no hazards of hurricanes or tsunamis. I’m no place near any fault lines, so we don’t ever experience earthquakes from any magnitude. Overall, the only real things I take into consideration are blizzards and… Read more I would love a new thermostat