New HVAC products

How might a pump actually succeed? I researched online about a heat pump system since I was considering purchasing one. This is a heating and cooling system that’s one device. You have an inside unit setup on your wall and next an outdoor unit in a separate area on the lawn. If you bury the… Read more New HVAC products

Making through the winter

This has been, by far, the coldest cold weather on record. The temperatures have remained below zero for weeks at a stretch, and I have forgotten how long it has been since I saw direct sunlight. I am so tired of bundling up around my bulky winter coat, hat, gloves and boots every time I’ve… Read more Making through the winter

I’m not happy

My kids and my hubby all suffer from seasonal allergic reactions. As soon as the first flowers of spring commence to bloom, everyone in the home is sneezing and wheezing. As a matter of fact, the kids are the ones constantly coughing and experiencing the most trouble breathing. The last couple years have been really… Read more I’m not happy

A/C tune-up

When we bought our first home together, my significant other and I had to save our money for nearly four years. Our children were very little and everything was expensive. My husband worked as an electrician and I worked in an office part-time. We made enough money to cover the cost of our bills and… Read more A/C tune-up

Reducing our heating costs

I adore opening the windows in my house and welcoming in fresh surroundings. After a long winter, with the house sealed up tight to limit escaping energy, the indoor environment gets pretty stale, stuffy and gross. Allowing for a cool, gentle breeze makes the whole home feel way cleaner and much better to inhabit. Unfortunately,… Read more Reducing our heating costs