Moving force and learning the importance of properly functioning furnace –

My husband, Paul, and I both grew up in the south, where the outside temperature never dropped below freezing.  We had never experienced snow, and our homes were not equipped with any type of heating system.  We typically relied on the air conditioning for around eight months straight.  When we moved up north, we did… Read more Moving force and learning the importance of properly functioning furnace –

No AC after hurricane

I don’t know how people are still disputing whether or not climate change is a real thing. It’s completely ridiculous to me, when there are clearly signs all around us which have been increasing in the past few years. It used to be so strange to have warm weather extend into the fall, mild winters,… Read more No AC after hurricane

Fresh stock

On my seventeenth birthday, my parents had just bought me a zoomy new car and I felt like the king of the world. I was a star player on my high school volleyball team and my grades had private university written all over them. Nothing could stop me! But then I got into my car… Read more Fresh stock

new home heating and air

The last time I applied for a new job, the process was nauseating. To me there is something extremely unsettling about sitting alone in a room with a stranger that practically has control over your income. They are usually smiling but it is almost guaranteed to be a forced smile. Why would they be happy… Read more new home heating and air

HVAC equipment fix

Several months ago, I went away to visit my child for about a month. My hubby phoned every evening, because he said he missed me. I garnered that the truck had broken down. It had rained for numerous days, and the two of us had a pool in the basement, and now the central air… Read more HVAC equipment fix

HVAC conditions

A few weeks ago, there was an art festival held at the local elementary school in town! My children both attend that school, So me and my wife attended the event. We would have went anyway, but our youngest child had an art piece on display. We were excited to see his painting of a… Read more HVAC conditions

AC busted on me

We were out in the back just roasting some marshmallows over the bonfire last week when there came a very loud bang, followed by an even louder scream from the house.  The back door was open as we could see smoke starting to emerge. I ran for the house because I knew my wife was… Read more AC busted on me