This is a fantastic system

Environment zoning systems are the best innovations that has ever been developed in the HVAC industry. For those of you that don’t know what I’m talking about, temperature zone control is a system that will allow you to individually set the temperature in each room of your home, or office. Many businesses already use these… Read more This is a fantastic system

Central air conditioning

I am a sucker for having the flexibility of doing work remotely. I get to do it three times a week. I don’t need to bother with getting dressed or fighting through traffic to get to my office. I can roll from bed just before nine and sit on my couch doing work out of… Read more Central air conditioning

Cooling off in the dojo

Power lifting is my life! Because I’m a woman some people think it’s weird that I lift weights, but that’s their problem. When I was a kid I decided I was going to grow up to be an amazon warrior just like Wonder Woman. And ten years later I’m still working on that, giving my… Read more Cooling off in the dojo