Cheerleading information

The local high school in our town is known for it sports program.  Way back when I was in school, I was on the cheerleading squad and we went to the state championships many years. I now work as as a building manager and handy-woman at that same school building and I really love my… Read more Cheerleading information

Cheerleading tryouts

Every year one of my favorite events is the cheerleading tryouts for the college. I’ve been employed here as a building manager and handy-woman for the last few years, but back when I went to school I was a cheerleader. Those were truly great years, and I remember them fondly. Attending the tryouts every year… Read more Cheerleading tryouts

I like my sister a lot

I very rarely get the chance to see my older sister. She has a job that takes her around the world, and so she does not go back home very often. I am so happy my sister is traveling so much, but I also miss her a great deal usually. Whenever she does get the… Read more I like my sister a lot

I like our house

I took the opportunity to own my own home when a fixer-upper, that was located in a great part of town, went on the market. I had just received a great promotion, and my new, higher income was going to give us enough of a nudge that we would be able buy the house and… Read more I like our house