This is genius

I’m going to die single, I just know it. It’s practically impossible to meet new people and make new friends because of my parents. They have done everything they can to prevent me from getting sick ever since I had a run in with leukemia which unfortunately has ruined my social life. My mom keeps… Read more This is genius

These people are great

My best friends and I are taking a trip in a few weeks. We are going to spend five days camping in the mountains and fishing on a river. I am extremely excited because I want to spend time outdoors, but I am a little worried about a couple of my friends because they have… Read more These people are great

Heating up my place

The house is my sanctuary. Aside from when I have to go to and run errands, I rarely leave it. It’s the right size for me, and it has a number of amenities that keep me very comfortable. My favorite feature is the radiant floor system. I never thought I might have a house with… Read more Heating up my place