Where I grew up

Growing up my mom would always say be thankful for what you got. I hear myself saying the very same thing to my children constantly. If I forget, they would say I’m thankful for what I got moma. We would just laugh and go on about our business. I guess, if they have to remind… Read more Where I grew up

HVAC up north

I traveled up north for a business trip last month. It was my first time being that far north in the wintertime. My husband was able to travel with me, so it ended up being quite an enjoyable trip. We did a little bit of sightseeing and souvenir shopping, saw snow fall for the first… Read more HVAC up north

We don’t have much money

I am a custodian for a local school district.The job has a few perks, but when everyone else has  3 months of holiday, I work the hardest.  No one recognizes what I do and most don’t even see me unless they need something.   About the only time anyone actually talks to me, is if a… Read more We don’t have much money