Working on my appliances

The job that I have involves servicing cabinets within newly-built homes. Sometimes, I take pleasure in my job, and sometimes, not so fun at all. The thing that determines for sure if I enjoy my job is how much air conditioning I get in the day. Every morning, I get a list of places to… Read more Working on my appliances

My A/C unit works great

To be honest, I think I am some coward. I cannot watch some sort of scary horror movie, hear a blurry story, or read a suspenseful book without losing sleep or being miserable at home alone. Yesterday, I had went with my sister to explore some hiking paths. While there, we came across a major… Read more My A/C unit works great

This cafe is great

I am coffee shop junkie. I love coffee by having a passion, but when I say a cafe junkie, I mean I love to sit for long periods of time just people watching from my own corner table. I am just always fascinated by the many types of people that come in and right out… Read more This cafe is great

My electric HVAC system

Should you have never had to screen roommates for a living situation, I highly don’t recommend it! It can be the biggest real lived nightmare! Ive honestly never realized how odd and quirky people can really be until they move into my apartment. I conducted an interview for roommates and asked all the questions that… Read more My electric HVAC system

I think it’s time to go home

Working a full-time job is something that we all have to endure in life, and basically none of us enjoy it, especially if you are involved in work that takes place outside. Whether it’s yard trimming work, repairing cooling systems, or coaching a football team on the field, these types of physical jobs require a… Read more I think it’s time to go home

Schools and climate control

The university I work at is very small. The interesting thing about that, though, is we have a great deal of children that attend, and the numbers are always growing. The classes are small with few desks and chairs, and I would image that it also doesn’t help that our air conditioning systems in the… Read more Schools and climate control