Portable furnace keeps me very moderate and comfy

I live with a family who rents a room to me.

They are unquestionably nice and I pretty much can do anything as long as the late afternoons I’m not being super noisy.

I periodically eat lunch or brunch with them or do events with them however overall I kind of do my own thing. I can also say I’m not there often, but it feels nice that I have a locale, although it’s just a bedroom, it’s still better than what a lot of less fortunate people have, so I cannot complain about it. The only issue I have residing there is that the temperature control isn’t exactly to my liking. Recently I got a portable space oil furnace because it was pretty cold in my room. I can’t exactly mess with their thermostat settings because it’s not my home. I was using 2 or periodically 3 winter blankets to keep myself moderate at night. I asked if they didn’t mind if I bought a portable space oil furnace so I can maintain control of the temperature of my room and they agreed. They said if the electric bill jumps a bit, they might ask me to pay a tad more however overall it was completely fine. They still want me to have comfort in my room, and that’s nice that I have that. I will never complain about anything. There just isn’t somewhere else for me to go because I’m unquestionably young and just graduated from school. I think when my job takes off and if I can manage it I will help this family in any way I can. They have supported me this far and I will show my deep gratitude. Hopefully, sooner than later.

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