Residential HVAC upgrade brings big dollars

The phrase that you have to spend money to make money was one that I was certainly familiar with.

And when it came to selling our home, we were sure all about spending money to make money. But it’s not quite as easy as I thought it might be. No, it was actually sort of tough when I started adding up the cost outlays the realtor wanted us to make before listing the house. She actually came out a couple of times and that list got longer. But one thing she pointed out within minutes of her first visit was the HVAC equipment. That really wasn’t exactly a surprise to either my wife nor to me. This was the heating and cooling equipment that we purchased from and had installed by the local HVAC company. And it’s that same HVAC company who handled the HVAC upgrade that just had to happen. Still, it was really tough getting rid of the heat pump. We had spent money over all those years in order to make sure that we got HVAC maintenance on a regular basis. And that money was well spent because we never had a single instance when the heat pump didn’t deliver the quality heating and air that we needed. I hated the idea of clipping the heat pump while it was still running. But we simply had to do it. For sure, anyone looking for a home these days wants the latest in residential HVAC. And that has to come with all the great HVAC technology out there as well. By the time we were finished upgrading the HVAC equipment, I almost wanted to stay put just so I could enjoy the best heating and cooling ever.

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