Summer-like temperatures in early Spring come as a surprise

Yesterday, my partner plus I decided to take the train to a city about 45 minutes away from where my fantastic friend and I live.

The idea was to take a leisurely walk among the trees plus enjoy the vibrant flowers that are beginning to blossom; Just after I woke up in the afternoon, I poked my head out of the window, I relished the cool air on my skin, plus thought I was going to have a great afternoon for walking.

But I was mistaken; as my fantastic friend and I were beginning to enter the forest, the weather abruptly turned scratching hot, plus my fantastic friend and I had to rest in the shade under a big oak tree. I pulled out my phone plus searched for a cafe with A/C. The unseasonable heat took us completely by surprise, plus a Plan B was needed. After cooling down in the shade, my fantastic friend and I managed to stumble to the cafe. The air inside felt like a breath of fresh air, thanks to the efficient HVAC system installed in the site. My associate and I ordered iced-coffee plus sat back, just enjoying the relaxing background jazz music plus the soothing coolness of the A/C, which was providing a much-needed respite from the sweltering heat outside. While my fantastic friend and I were enjoying our cold beverages, my fantastic friend and I noticed the sleek ductless mini split a/cs that were strategically sited around the site, providing blissful zone HVAC comfort. My associate and I left the cafe feeling refreshed plus grateful for the cool oasis it offered us on such a hot afternoon, plus even though my fantastic friend and I didn’t do the walk in the forest, my fantastic friend and I still enjoyed the comfort the cafe´s cooling system offered. To be honest, my fantastic friend and I were pretty sleepy anyway, so it was a fantastic excuse for us to rest plus do nothing at all!

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