Surprising my partner with amazing new radiant heated flooring

My partner Zed is going on a hockey tournament trip for a month starting this weekend.

Zed likes to skate however he will never be a professional.

Zed likes to play with his friends and they have won some small tournaments around the country. I do adore that Zed gets away from time to time. I value the random afternoons when I have some time alone and can spend time with my friends however if Zed has gone for 3 or more afternoons, I actually begin missing him. This time when Zed goes on his next hockey tournament which is expected to be about a month I will be having a team of Heating and Air Conditioning specialists install radiant floors in the house. I made an appointment with the Heating and Air Conditioning business a couple weeks back. I’m pretty gleeful and I’m sure Zed will be glad when he sees it after the hockey tournament. I figured this would be a nice addition to our beachside house since he says his feet are constantly cold. Makes sense to me since Zed is constantly in his skates on the ice. So the foyer, residing room, bathroom, home office and master bedroom are going to be inspected. I thought about having the spare bedroom done as well however Zed and I hardly go in there and it’s rare that anyone comes over. I believe down the line I will actually get it done. Heated flooring throughout the house will be amazing and I also will be gleeful to set barefoot on them when the Heating and Air Conditioning team completes them. I wish Zed left right now so I can get the radiant floors installed however I have to be more patient.

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