The AC did better than expected

When I got a brand new air conditioning system I was expecting it to be really great. However, it far exceeded my expectations. I didn’t have super high expectations for it because it was a cheap air conditioning system that I bought from some guy online. He had said in the ad that he was selling it that this air conditioning system had been used quite a lot and so it had a lot of wear and tear on it, despite this however it was in great working condition. I needed an air conditioning system and I needed it fast so I went ahead and purchased it hoping it would suit my needs. I got far better than I expected. I expected an air conditioning system that worked to cool my house. This air conditioning system did so much more than that. It made my house into a freezer! I can’t believe how cold this air conditioning system is, it’s so cold that it’s almost too cold sometimes. Of course I adjust the temperatures to compensate for that, but it’s really great during the summer months because it can be absolutely boiling outside and it won’t matter a bit because all I have to do is turn on my freezer air conditioning system and that will take another problem right away. It’s been a wonderful solution. I’m definitely going to be using this air conditioning system all the time now just because of how great it is. In fact I might not even bother getting another one. I think I’m happy with this one.

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