The air filters vanished at the Air BnB

He had never heard of such a thing.

Lee Evans, the renowned HVAC technician, was on a mission to fix a client’s HVAC system. As he stepped into the client’s air BnB, he was greeted by a group of giggling girl scouts who were selling sponge candy for some odd reason outside the house. Lee couldn’t resist but buy a box of candy from them. As he made his way to the basement where the HVAC system was located, Lee noticed something odd. The air filters were missing! He scratched his head and wondered how the filters could have vanished into thin air. He decided to investigate the matter further. As he questioned the client, a frantic woman, she mentioned that her teenage son had been hanging out in the basement over the weekend. Lee had a hunch that the boy and his friends were involved in the missing air filter case. He decided to confront the boys about it. The boys initially denied any involvement, but one of them had a guilty look on his face. Lee searched their bags and found a stash of air filters hidden in one of them. The boys finally confessed that they had been using the filters to play a game of “air filter dodgeball.” Lee couldn’t believe his ears. He had never heard of such a thing. The filters were so light that they flew through the air easily, making for a fun game. Lee couldn’t help but laugh at the absurdity of the situation. He confiscated the filters, scolded the boys for their mischief, and installed new filters for the client. He made sure to warn the woman to keep a closer eye on her son’s activities in the future.


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