The big job ahead

I just graduated from HVAC school and have been working for a heating and air conditioning company about 3 months now. And next week I am going to have a huge job to do as part of my main work week that I never have experienced. I am so glad there are going to be other heating and air conditioning workers on the job with me to help guide and assist in doing the work. I am going to be part of a big job laying ductwork into a newly built house! The construction people just finished building it, and the next step is to get things set up for the heating and air conditioning system. Laying ductwork is the first step of this. It is going to be an all week job for full work days. Laying ductwork for a brand new home that has yet to get a central heating and air conditioning system is not going to be an easy task. It is almost going to be like I am working in construction. Not something I signed up for or that I really want to do. But it is part of the job and the pay is going to be great. I will be getting paid a little more per hour than I was doing the regular heating and air conditioning system repair and installation jobs that I am used to doing working at the heat and a/c company that I work at. I just hope I know what I am doing!


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