The client needed a new Heating and Air Conditioning system

Got a service call today about a major issue with an Heating and Air Conditioning system.

Just another regular Thursday I guess.

Something was wrong with the thermostat or the furnace or something. I’m not particularly distraught because it’s just another day, another dollar and of course, it’s just another job to me. I arrived around 11 am Thursday and this younger guy named Max answered the door. Max was wearing a hoodie with shorts and flip flops and said, “get in, it’s cold out there.” I find it kind of odd that Max is wearing shorts and flip flops since he is the one who said he was cold waking up with a huge furnace problem. No matter, it’s not my job to judge however to service the issue so Max here can live comfortably. So I noticed that the dial furnace was turned to 73 degrees, however the house was only at 59 degrees. It’s actually getting colder in here. So I took a closer look at the Heating and Air Conditioning plan and after some toil knew that the plan was utterly shot and the main reason is that the air filters haven’t been changed in forever. There was so much caked-on dust and debris on these that I was surprised the Heating and Air Conditioning plan didn’t cut sooner. I asked Max, “when was the last time your air filters were changed?” Max just shrugged and said he has been here for 5 years and not once they have been changed.” I had to tell Max that I had poor news and that a new Heating and Air Conditioning plan will need to be put in and Max didn’t seem glad at all. He had to call his roommate and after a few hours Max asked, ”what’s the disfigure?”

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