The door company had a website we could visit

My sister and I had this plan to renovate a house we had just purchased then put it back on the market.

For the longest time, we talked about going into real estate.

But, it took about 10 years for us to kick the ball rolling. Our dad was instrumental in this because he had several properties that he was renting out when we were young. Both he and mom were working 9 to 5 jobs, but they also decided to purchase some properties and get rental income. This money was always useful, and we learned alot from them since they always shared such information. While in college, my sister and I started talking about taking the same steps, and doing them early. But, we got started when I was 26 and she was 24. It’s been great, but the first house needed a lot of work done to it. First, we had to consult a roofing company to do a roof inspection. At first glance, the roof looked alright, but we wanted a roofing contractor to confirm that for us. They sent an expert to the house, and he did find a few issues with the roof. However, this isn’t anything to warrant a new roof installation. We only needed to hire them for roof repair, and we were all set. Next, we realized the doors in the house were all different. This would make the house difficult to market. So, we also took the steps to consult a door company. A friend referred us to one, and we were happy to see the door company had a website we could visit and pick up the ones we wanted in the house.

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