The heat from my fireplace keeps me from simply freezing

After a tiring afternoon at the office, I finally made it home.

The cold fall air plus a long afternoon of labor had left me completely drained.

I finally opened the front door plus was immediately hit by a gust of icy air. I hadn’t been feeling well plus had begun to shudder. Something was wrong when I found myself rubbing my arms. I sensed there was an issue with my electric heater plus I went to investigate it. When I turned on the electric heater, I realized that the air quality wasn’t entirely good. The air was so dusty that it made me cough. I forgot that the air filters in the electric heater needed to be cleaned every few months. I set a reminder on my PC to make sure to clean the air filters later. Unluckily, I just don’t have the energy to clean the air filters right now. But I knew I couldn’t keep hot right now as well separate from heat. Thankfully, I had a fireplace, which got a good cleaning a couple of weeks ago although I rarely use it. The timing couldn’t be any better plus right now seems like the time to use it. I went to the basement and also gathered some firewood plus sparking material. Within seconds of lighting the fire, I could feel the room heating up. The only thing keeping me from turning on the electric heater this weekend is the fact that I ended up cleaning those dang air filters, regardless, having a fireplace in my condo was a godsend in times like these.