The HVAC business never showed

Yesterday was a bad afternoon for me.

I had an appointment with a heating and air conditioner business to have my heating idea fixed.

I have been having on and off concerns with my gas oil furnace and I need to make sure that everything is fantastic with it before the Winter comes. All of us are in October now and we don’t have truly several weeks left of the Fall before we will be headed straight into winter. As you can imagine, the AC businesses are already busy enough as it is, getting everyone’s heating systems ready for winter. So imagine my surprise and anger when yupterday my heating and AC appointment never came. The HVAC professionals never showed up! There’s bad service and then there’s complete absence. In this case complete absence is worse, at least if they have been here they could have at least attempted to service it. I called the HVAC business to complain about their no-show, and came to find out the reason why they did not show up was because their HVAC guy had broken down alongside the road and they would not be able to make the appointment in time. So they rescheduled me for a week from now, and gave me a discount for the trouble. At least they attempted to write the wrong so that I am still unhappy that I now have to wait another week for another heating and AC appointment.


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