The lady wasn’t very nice during the evaluation appointment

I went to a customer’s home to evaluate a problem with the HVAC system.

  • The woman called to inform us that the heat pump was making a strange sound.

I was the technician scheduled to help with the HVAC system problem. Last week I went to help the customer and the lady wasn’t very nice during the evaluation appointment. She didn’t want to hear the bad news when I told her that the HVAC system needed to be replaced. In fact, she was a little rude and grumpy. She did not want to schedule the new installation at that time. The woman finally called a week later to schedule the new installation appointment. I did not want to be the person to go back to the house and deal with the grumpy lady, but I was already familiar with the equipment in her home and my boss thought it was the best way to handle the job. Yesterday I installed all of the new equipment and I was very surprised by the change in Attitude for the woman. Even though she wasn’t very nice during the evaluation appointment, she was more than kind and helpful during the installation. He offered me a drink and even offered to buy a pizza during lunch. Maybe I caught the lady on a bad day that first time, because it was like night and day to see the difference in her personality from one week to the next. I never would have guessed that the customer was the same person from the previous week.


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