The mold in the AC was extremely concerning

I co-own with my mother a small bakery in the neighborhood.

My mother has always enjoyed baking, even when I was a little girl.

Kids from the neighborhood used to swarm to my house just to eat her treats. Additionally, their parents placed orders for a variety of baked goods to be added to the Sunday dinner menu or for special occasions. Mom didn’t need to find employment at that time because dad was an HVAC technician. Instead, she would use this side job to supplement the family’s income. Her lifelong ambition was to start a bakery where she could sell her goods to numerous customers. Dad even started setting money aside to make the dream a reality for her. But he became ill when I was sixteen, and he soon passed away. As a result, we had to use our savings to keep everything afloat so I could attend college. I assured my mother that she would one day own the bakery of her dreams, and 15 years later, business is booming. We had so much going on last summer that we neglected to have the AC at home service. Mom arrived at the house one evening to discover the AC was not working. She got in touch with a local HVAC business, and they sent someone out the following morning early to check the AC. The AC specialist discovered mold in the AC in addition to a defective part, which was very concerning. She had to perform a thorough cleaning and repair in order to get the AC working again. Mom was delighted and vowed never again to skip HVAC maintenance.


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