The plane had superb air quality

I recently took a train across state to go on a short business trip! It was about a 3 hour train ride, then and I have to tell you that I did not want to get off that train! The air quality was so superb it certainly blew our mind; Usually while on trains or any other kind of public transferation the air quality is bad… But not on this train; On this train the air quality was so superb that a single would have thought that they had something like a whole home air purification plan on this train.

I think that was not the case, but it sure felt like it! On top of the superb air quality that they had they also had certainly superb air conditioning. It was a sizzling morning when I took this train, and I was also not expecting the top quality air conditioning that was there, this train certainly cared about the indoor comfort of the people riding it. This is a rare thing. I know maybe because the train also traveled long distance and had sleeper cars… Much like staying at a hotel if you were on it for a week or something, however so I know now that I believe about it, maybe that is why they take pride in the air quality & the air conditioning. I bet on frosty mornings in the Winter time time months of the year they also take pride in their heating as well. They would have to because if the air conditioning is this superb the heating will be the same.

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