The portable cooling device

As a professional in the Heating and Air Conditioning business, I’ve seen some crazy things. However, there is one example that has stuck with me. It was about the time I heard someone say that their meal improved after they turned on a portable cooling system. A smart thermostat in the family room was the initial reason for my visit to the home. They wished they had more say over the temperature there, particularly for formal dinners. The homeowner thanked me for installing the smart thermostat and they went on with their day. A few weeks later, I got a call from the same homeowner, but this time they wanted something completely different. They asked me to put a portable cooling system in their family room. I was a bit confused since the smart thermostat should have provided ample cooling, although I obliged and installed the unit. The homeowner called me again the following day, but this time she had a different request. The homeowner invited me over for dinner so I could witness the transformation brought about by the replacement of a portable cooling system. I was pretty curious, so I accepted the invitation. I noticed the room was much cooler than the rest of the dwelling when I sat down to eat dinner. The dinner tasted amazing! Apparently, according to the homeowner, the cooling system kept the food fresher and enhanced its flavor. Even though the outcome caught me off guard, I had no option but to accept the findings. The homeowner was pleased that I loved their meal and the portable cooling system was a nice touch.


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