The walk-in closet was equipped with its own HVAC system

I believed I had seen every peculiarity that could be encountered when listing a house because I had been a realtor for a number of years.

When I went to an older apartment on the other side of town, I realized that I had been mistaken about the oddities.

The owners called my home number and inquired about my interest in buying their house. Two mornings later, I drove to their address and was astounded by the size of the house. It had a formal family room, six family rooms, seven bathrooms, and additional bathrooms. They were selling because I couldn’t picture two people living there by themselves. They claimed to have a sizable combined family and required all available space when all nine of their children were present. They now desired to sell the apartment and purchase a smaller space. I performed my routine walk-through and assumed everything was fine until I reached the walk-in closet in the master family room. The walk-in closet had a separate HVAC and air conditioning system. I was standing in the closet’s center, staring up at the top-of-the-wall heating units. She said she used the room as a haven and that her fiancĂ© had installed ductless heating, ventilation, and air conditioning in it. With nine kids living in the home, she must have sought peace on numerous occasions. She gave me a shrug and admitted to being spoiled. Having your own heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system might strike me as pampered, but who am I to judge? I believed the HVAC system in the walk-in closet could be a major selling point for the home.