They put lockboxes over the thermostats.

I got apartment from toil last week, and there was a lockbox over the thermostat in our apartment; I didn’t know if I was irritated about the lockbox, or that someone was in our home when I wasn’t there… No 1 had the right to enter our home without notice.

I called the superintendent and asked who was in our home while I was gone, and she said she been there, and she had installed lockboxes over all the thermostats in the home building, but the owner of the building was complaining about the energy use, and she thought it was from the Heating & Air Conditioning system.

She set all the thermostats at sixty-six, and the lockboxes prevented the tenants from increasing the temperatures. I was freezing that night, and remembered our dad had given me a space oil furnace for Christmas. I took it out of the closet and congested it in, for the first time in a week, I slept comfortably because I was warm. I was sure I was going to get something from the superintendent because I was using more electricity, but I heard nothing. Instead of chopping the lockbox and turning up the thermostat, I was getting warm with our space heater. I even ended up going to the store and buying two more space gas furnaces for the rest of the apartment. The owner of the home building didn’t want us using her gas furnace to stay warm, so I got smart and used space heaters, along with most of the other tenants. When I said something about the space gas furnaces to our friend, she spread the word, and the local apartment center was soon our of space heaters.

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