This was her first time hiring a siding contractor

My sister was finally moving closer to me and I was beyond excited.

I know many people don’t want to live close to their siblings.

This can be for a myriad of reasons stemming from sibling rivalry. However, my sister and I have always been close, and to be honest, I missed her so much. When we were young, she got a scholarship to go to university abroad. This was her chance to see the world just like she’d always wanted. So, my sister left. She would always come home now and then, but she built a whole life there and it had been 8 years. Our dad passed away, and she felt it was time to come home. Plus, I’d given birth to my son, and she wanted to be close to him as well. My partner and I hit the ground running finding her a house to buy in our area and came across a gem. The house was in the right location, and needed only a facelift to make it livable. My sister arrived and began seeking people to make the space into what she wanted. Thai included hiring a company to handle deck installation. She’d had a deck in her old house abroad, and she wanted the same here. In addition, she had to hire a siding contractor to do some cosmetic work on her new home. This was basically siding repair since there wasn’t enough damage to warrant siding replacement. It’s been great having her nearby, and we have the best time together. Next on her list is to hire a door company to carry out door replacement in her home.

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