Vents are dusted as part of air duct cleaning

It’s only been three years since I’ve become a homeowner, but it’s been an amazing experience. Young people are currently prevented from buying homes by a number of obstacles. Many people decide to rent until they have the resources and a stable income needed to support a home. That was me three years ago before I learned the most wonderful news. I rented an apartment with three other roommates and had about $85,000 in student loans. Then, through a lucky break, I won $300,000 in the lottery. I was able to pay off my student loans with the money I received and put a down payment on a home. The responsibility of property ownership followed. One of the most important lessons I’ve learned in the past three years is the value of regular HVAC maintenance. When I first moved into my home, I did have my HVAC system inspected. Making sure the vents and ductwork were in good working order was part of this. The HVAC technician also verified that the HVAC system was fit for long-term use. He then instructed me to always schedule HVAC maintenance in order to maintain this pattern. But I never did until the state of my indoor air began to deteriorate. My doctor thought the reason I was getting sick was due to poor indoor air quality. She suggested that for proper HVAC maintenance, you should hire a technician. Cleaning the air vents and the air ducts was part of this. Considering how dirty the ductwork and air vents were and how there was even some mold present, this was undoubtedly the root of the poor indoor air quality. That was a difficult lesson to learn, but I now make sure to have my ducts cleaned every six months.


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