Waiting For the Heating & A/C Company to Call

Now, we were melting & missing our A/C unit

When we lived in our previous house, there was no AC. Both of us live in the northeast where the weather is either cold or moderate so not having any A/C is fine, even during the Summer months. During the warmer nights, we’d open the doors & windows & let the air blow through. To help with the airflow, we also had ceiling fans in most of the rooms. Both of us never had any problems with the temperature of our loft being too overheated because we were accustomed to it. Fast forward to present day & our up-to-date loft & we now have an A/C unit. When we first moved in, we didn’t guess we’d use the A/C component because we didn’t use a single in our last house. However, gradually, we began to turn on the A/C during the warmer nights & then we started using it all Summer long. Both of us grew to love having cool air in our loft & we never looked back. Unluckyly, our A/C component stopped laboring yesterday & we were reminded how we used to live prior. The loft was nearly eighty degrees inside & it felt hot! Both of us used to deal with eighty degree temperatures all the time in our previous loft however we were used to it. Now, we were melting & missing our A/C unit. I put in a maintenance request with the local Heating & A/C dealer, however I am still waiting for them to call myself and others back. We’ve become spoiled with the A/C component & we want the cool air back!