We had heated seats in our truck.

My wife and I bought a brand-new truck last year. The part I loved most about the new truck was the heated seats. We turn on the HVAC system, and even before the windshield is cleared, I push a button. The heat is getting warm before the heater clears the windshield. I loved the feel of the heat on my back as we travelled down the road. It reminded me of the radiant heating my sister has. All I need to do is sit down on her sofa, and I am ready to go to sleep. The radiant heat transfers the heat from the floors into every surface that comes in contact with it. I can feel the heat on my feet and then it travels through my body. Several times I have gone to visit, but the radiant heat lulls me to sleep. I’ll by dozing on the sofa while every listens to me snore. I never care what they think, because what they think doesn’t bother me. I often thought about getting radiant heating in my house, but my wife loves a cooler environment. She told me I could get a thermostat that controls how much heat we have, but I didn’t want to hear it. When we bought the truck, I made sure it had heated seats. I can feel like I’m at my sister’s house, enjoying radiant heating, even when I am just in my truck. I said something to my wife about getting radiant heating in our house, but she wasn’t happy with that idea. She wanted the cold floors in the morning and told me to put a rug on my side of the bed.
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