We have a great HVAC program at our school

We have a lot of really great technical programs at the school where I work, but the HVAC program is probably the very best one.

People are always signing up for it, even in the off season when it is not available.

But they like to get put on the waiting list so that they will be the first ones that we call whenever the HVAC program starts back up again. I’m not really sure why it is that everyone wants to be in the HVAC certification program. I think it’s partially because the instructors for the HVAC program are so great, but I also think that it’s because there never seems to be a shortage of jobs in the heating and cooling profession around here. For some reason, in the area where we live, there are dozens of heating, cooling, and ventilation companies. There are large ones, small ones, and family owned ones. There are also a lot of commercial HVAC companies around here. I’m not really sure what that is, but the end result is the fact that everyone wants to be in the HVAC program at our school. It’s a good thing that we have such great instructors, because we really turn out great HVAC technicians from our program. Most of the time, companies call us up and ask for our top graduates so that they can call them up and offer them positions with their companies. It’s like we are actually training them for the workforce. It’s really nice to know that we are doing something great for the community.
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