We spent too much time commuting from home to work

We were spending a lot of time commuting from our home on the south side to the corporation address for our Heating & A/C corporation which was on the north side. We were losing an hour every day in the vehicle and we missed the time we had with our families. We sought the help of our partners to look for a shop space anywhere closer that was inexpensive. It took a while to locate the perfect space, however when we finally did, we had to change the address and phone number on all of our advertising materials. This included our corporation website. We had to contact the web design corporation and send the woman an SMS with all of the current information. A day later, the info was online and updated. We were pretty glad with the choices that the designer made to match everything so well. We were so tied up looking at the current design that we completely missed the fact that the current corporation address was wrong. The phone number was wrong too. These two details went unrecognized for a week. We did not have a single phone call the first day and we went berserk. We thought the phone was broken and were afraid our corporation was abruptly going down the toilet. We contacted the digital advertising corporation to find out what was going on and that was when they realized that the phone number and address for the Heating & A/C corporation were incorrect. It was a small oversight, however a serious blow to the first couple of days of our online digital advertising campaign.


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