Who knows

I have been enjoying my smart thermostat for a long while now.

At least 3 years.

It is really the best thing I have ever seen in modern heating and air conditioning technology. But lately I have been reading the facts about them possibly making an even more advanced smart thermostat. They did not give too many details on what would be done to make it more advanced, but they said that this new smart thermostat they are experimenting with should be available to the general public within the next year or two. Who knows what they have on the back burner or what. But if it ends up coming out and sounds beneficial to me, I will be the first in line to buy that brand new and very advanced smart thermostat. I was taken away by how good this current smart thermostat is. I can not imagine what could make it even better. I mean it helps me save tons on my energy bills, I can control my central heating and air conditioning system from virtually anywhere in the world if I wanted to and also it makes turning the heat and a/c unit on and off so much more convenient. If I am relaxing at home and feel it is too hot or too cold I can just punch a button on my cell phone and will not have to get up and go to the thermostat on the wall in the hallway to physically turn it off. This smart thermostat is so wonderful! No wonder it is called a smart thermostat!

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