Why can’t I have an all-home air purification plan installed?

I have an older Heating plus A/C plan plus I wanted to have an all-home air purification plan installed.

When the Heating plus A/C professional arrived to inspect my Heating plus A/C system, he told myself and others he didn’t guess it would work.

I needed to use HEPA air filters with the air cleaner, plus my Heating plus A/C plan wasn’t made to use HEPA air filters. I tried to understand what he was telling me, although I was have a mind block. I could not wrap my mind around what he was trying to explain to me. He brought a HEPA air filter in from his service van plus shoed myself and others the difference between my air filter plus the HEPA air filter. He said they also had UV lights in the air cleaner. I could have the air purification plan if all I wanted was the UV light system, although I could not use the HEPA air filter. Some people chose to use just the HEPA air filter plus not the UV light, although I didn’t have that choice. He told myself and others that if I wanted a whole home air purification plan with a HEPA air filter, i would need to get a newer Heating plus A/C system. I could not afford to get a new Heating plus A/C system, plus I told him so. He asked if I had ever thought about purchasing a portable air cleaner. They worked just as well, although I would need to have 1 for each room, or switch the portable air cleaner from room to room. I didn’t love the inconvenience of this either, so I provided up on the idea.
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