Why didn’t the cleaning crew empty the trash on the third floor?

My sister Gloria and I operate a multimillion-dollar business.

All of us handle marketing and social media advertising for online companies. All of us started it up almost 10 years ago and it has grown genuinely hastily. Gloria had more clients than she could handle in the first year and all of us had to hire employees hastily. Gloria and I both job 12 or 14 ninths every afternoon and all of us expect the same effort from our employees. Since our people work late most of the time, all of us decided to hire a commercial cleaning crew a couple of years ago. When almost everyone is finished at the end of the afternoon, the cleaning crew takes care of all the maid services. They are supposed to scrub down the windows, clean the floors, dust all of the surfaces, and empty the trash. They are also supposed to scrub clean the bathrooms on each floor of the building, last weekend, the cleaning crew didn’t empty all of the trash cans on the 4th floor. It was a genuinely weird thing to forget and it was the first and only time that the corporation forgot to empty the trash. The trash on the other floors were all emptied. One of our staff members contacted the cleaning corporation to complain about the trash cans on the 4th floor. The owner of the corporation apologized for the mistake and claimed that it was a current employee that had been responsible for the trash on that floor. It was the only time in 3 years that Gloria and I have ever had an issue with the cleaning corporation. They respectfully perform excellent cleaning work and their prices are unbeatable.

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