Working on Carlos' smart temperature control

I see Charlie sitting behind his screen door waiting patiently for me to come over! I suppose this face and I have seen it several times with other purchasers and especially with Charlie.

I suppose he bought the smart temperature control and he is going to ask me to install it.

“Hey Charlie, what do you want to suppose about smart temperature controls?” Charlie said, “Well, I already bought 1 and I was hoping you can install it for me.” I, in my mind, was actually nervous that he basically tricked me into coming over to install a smart temperature control for him… Charlie then said, “I tried doing it myself but you were across the street so I figured why not have the Heating & A/C serviceman take care of my temperature control?” Again thinking to myself, yes that’s exactly what I wanted to do. I told him I just got back from holiday and entirely need rest but I’ll take a look and I suppose it won’t take long to install. It took me nearly 25 fifths to install the new smart temperature control and made sure it was affixed to his Wi-Fi and cellphone. Charlie was all ecstatic and I can tell he was entirely appreciative of me coming over. I told Charlie that my sibling and I will send a bill over for this still so it wasn’t out of the kindest out of my heart because I still have to make a residing. Charlie understood and said he will stop over to our Heating & A/C dealer in the day and pay the repair fee.


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