You can't afford to let HVAC repair get messed up

I also took the number of the handyman that our buddy uses! He said there wasn’t anything that this guy couldn’t actually fix; and then this guy had good intentions and was just being a good neighbor, and all of this came about after I got the news from the heating plus A/C professional that I’d need to substitute another pricey part.

  • This heating plus A/C repair would have to happen before the big load on the heat pump during the heat of summer.

Last Springtime, as my good friend and I do every Springtime, my good friend and I had the heating plus A/C professional out to do the a/c tune up on our heating plus A/C unit… However, it’s about 15 years seasoned and has regularly given good quality heating and air. But last Springtime, the heating plus A/C professional delivered the news that there was another pricey heating plus A/C component that had to be substituted, however of course, nobody legitimately wants to spend a bunch of money on something love heating plus A/C equipment. At the same time, nobody wants to have the a/c stop working the first month in November. I had a bit of time last Springtime to guess about alternatives. And that has when I got the number for the handyman from our neighbor. I nearly called that guy to have him come out and supply me an estimate, but I thought better of it after I asked our buddy if he guaranteed his work. And of course, he didn’t. The handyman was also not a licensed, certified heating plus A/C professional either. That’s pretty much all it took for me to call the heating plus A/C supplier and have them come do the heating plus A/C repair officially and with a guarantee.

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