Need a Power Nap With Some Ice Cold AC

I tried to sleep last night without any air conditioning in my bedroom to no avail.

I was trying to save money with my energy consumption but ended up staying awake all night from being way too warm.

I need to come up with a solution for this issue because I spent a lot of money the past couple months with my AC usage. I think my unit isn’t so efficient and is using a lot of power to keep me cool in the summer. Tomorrow is October though and the temps will be dropping pretty quickly so I won’t be needing AC till next summer, but I think the next two weeks will still warrant some kind of climate control in my room for sleeping. Another option that I heard saves money is the dehumidifier. It removes the moisture from the air and makes it feel cooler in the home but won’t make it feel as cold as when you run the AC. I’ll give it a shot tonight and see how I sleep compared to last night. I have a newer HVAC system but I did run the air conditioning an awful lot the past couple months, which is why my electric bill was sky high yesterday when I opened it. I think it was double of what it was a year ago while my paycheck remained the same. I will try to get a part time job at the heating and cooling corp near me as I am a certified HVAC rep and could use some extra cash.

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I Need Some Beach Therapy Today After my Power Bill Came

Sometimes life gets a bit too heavy and that is when I head to the coast to look out at the sea to help me realize that none of these things matter in the big scheme of things.

The local businesses which charge us more for goods and services are all feeling the crunch too. All of these money problems that seem too big suddenly shrink to almost nothing when I go to the beach and see the waves and the clouds. I’ll just get some more hours at the residential HVAC company and make more money. Inflation has been around since the beginning of time and is always going to be a part of life so we just need to adapt to it. We will all be gone one day and all of this stressing out over things that are not in our control in the first place, doesn’t add up too much when you realize you will be separated from all of this in a blink. Today I will clean my HVAC system and try to get it tuned up so that I use less power. But the main solution is going to be to run the AC less in the summer so that my power bills are lower. I guess this global war going on is also making inflation rise faster than normal, so it is probably going to be just a temporary thing and it will settle down when the war stops. At least my electric heating system is working well as winter is coming soon. It’s all good.
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Looking for a Small Mini Split AC Unit for the Bedroom

I just mentioned my power bill that came in and how high it was.

I know I run the AC a lot in the house, especially at night for sleeping, and I am going to adapt to the high rates by cooling down only my bedroom at night.

I’ll do this by getting a small portable AC unit and installing it in my window. I think I can get a very small unit that is ultra high efficiency and cools my room for a fraction of the power that the main unit is using. Why cool the whole house all night when you are only using one small bedroom. That wasn’t too smart on my behalf, but then again I haven’t gotten a bill this high even when I cooled the house down at night. The rates must have really jumped up this past billing period and I will just adapt to the increase. I think a small ultra high efficiency unit wouldn’t cost much to run at night while I sleep. I tried going without any AC last night and I was awake most of the night from being too hot. My room is small and heats up a lot when I sleep, but the good part is that it would also cool down easily with a little window unit. There is one mini split AC unit that will cool down a small bedroom like mine for just $30 a month so it looks like I will go that route and see how it works. It should be fine I’m sure.

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I Just got an Insanely High Power Bill Today

It all works out so I’m not worried about any of this money stuff.

I guess the electric rates went way up recently because my power bill is well over double what it was last year at this time. I am going to have to really curb my air conditioner usage as I’ve been keeping it pretty cold here lately. I’ll buy another fan or two and turn off the HVAC system. In the winter I will just wear more clothes and keep the heat usage to a minimum also because I can’t afford another $600 bill. It’s almost like I have a second rent payment due each month when the utility bills come in. I guess the solution is for me to get a flatmate. I have a friend working at the heating and cooling business who is looking for a room so I will probably rent to her. She works early in the morning and isn’t home till well into the evening, which is when I am at the beach playing ball, so we won’t be in each other’s way much in the flat. I think she does HVAC equipment updates and maintenance at the local business, and from what I’ve heard she is really good at the job. It all works out so I’m not worried about any of this money stuff. Money always comes in when I need it so it’s all good. I work selling different HVAC brands online and I may just try to pick up some more work myself to help cover the cost of the increase in bills. It’s not like inflation is something new to us all.


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Back to the Grind With Some Air Duct Cleaning

I’ve been off of work for the past two weeks, that is until today when I go back and work on some ductwork for customers in their homes.

  • It is now summer and the weather is very hot and today I am going to be working in an attic cleaning the ducts and vents.

I will probably drink two gallons of water while I work in the attic all day. I was thinking about actually doing the work at night but the people will be home sleeping and I would probably keep them awake all night. It’s just that the attic will be cool at night and it would be a lot more comfortable working that way, but then again I wouldn’t be able to see very well in the dark attic. I’ll just take some breaks and come down into the office of the house where they have a wall unit to keep it cool. I can chill out there for a little while and cool down before going back into the attic to clean more ducts. The bigger worry for me is the insulation and how it makes my skin itch if it touches it. I will wear a full sweatsuit to keep it off of me but that is also going to make me really hot. There is no way to win when cleaning HVAC system ductwork I guess, so I am going to just have to grin and bear it for a little while. I think I can get the job done in one day though so it won’t be forever.