My sister is off to college

She finally did it! I’m really proud of my big sister.

She pushed herself really hard through high school to accomplish something that none of our family has ever done before, go to college.

I really hope when I grow up I can accomplish the same thing. The whole family is extremely proud of her. We are planning a celebration of her acceptance letter at the end of the month. Not much family is coming out but she has lots of friends that will be there. My dad started the preparations early because he is extremely busy with work and his business in HVAC. He has been helping lots of friends with their stuff recently. Mainly they wanted to make sure their a/c units are ready for the grueling summer. At times he does some air conditioning repairs and some friends ask him if he can install heated floors. They like those done before fall. He worked his way up in the world and grinded to be successful. My sister is hoping the college route will further her career faster. Our dad took almost 20 years after dropping out of high-school to finally get it together. He didn’t want anyone to fall in the same trap that he did so he is going to make this whole acceptance thing into college the biggest deal ever. My mom has been buying decorations and inviting whoever. She doesn’t have the same type of hype as my dad but she is excited. She never wanted to go to college because she wanted to spend more time with family than anything else. To be honest I think she partied a lot when she was younger. I only heard stories from her friends and that’s how my dad and mom met. I can’t wait for the party!



Heat pump repair

Dad isn't happy these days

I haven’t seen my dad for a few weeks now.

My father has never been the happiest of people. He has anger issues and at his age of 72 I think it’s getting worse. Recently I decided he needed more care than what I can provide. So he now lives in senior living. I work 50 plus hours a week and he’s always calling me or needing something but his tone is so demanding. I’m a 48 year old man with no kids or wife and I couldn’t do this anymore. He’s always asking if I can pick up something for dinner or take him to the bar. At home the TV is too loud, the dog is snoring, the a/c is too cold or the heater is too hot. There is no winning with this guy. He’s a constant complainer. I love the guy but he needs more than I can give. The straw that broke the camel’s back which happened a month ago was when he deliberately took a hammer and broke the A/C unit. I had to call the air conditioning repair service but unfortunately they had to put in a new A/C unit. I had a smart thermostat also installed since I was doing upgrades which is pretty cool. I haven’t seen my dad for a few weeks now. This is I feel what’s best for him and I. Do miss him in a way and love him. When things cool down a bit I’ll visit him but he needs to adjust to his new lifestyle. He shouldn’t be too mad though because there is a local Tavern a block away.

New heating units

More than heater maintenance

My parents were on a cruise for a few weeks and had left me and my sister home alone.

Before they left, they told me that a heating technician would do the annual heater maintenance to help with indoor comfort.

It was a lazy day, so I invited my best friend and his brother to keep us company. The HVAC professional came later that morning, and my sister immediately had a crush on the team’s supervisor. The tech from the heating industry started working on the heat pump. They kept calling the heating dealer to deliver the components they were replacing. We played video games as the specialist worked on returning the equipment to its former glory. They cleaned the heating device, changed the air filter to improve air quality, and removed worn-out components. We were looking to upgrade to a smart thermostat because we still had the same one we got during the heat pump installation. By the end of it, all it was running like a new heating device was restored to being efficient. By this time, my sister was already on the heating company’s website, leaving a good review about the expert and the rest of the team. They did a good job. My sister and the engineer exchanged numbers and have communicated since then. It also prompted her to learn more about heating; she has since been active in a/c care. The rest of the winter went by smoothly, and we had no other issues with the whole-home heating system. My best friend and his brother stayed over for the rest of the day. The heating business has been our go-to service provider.

heating service

Repairing my grandma's heat pump

When my vacation break was approved, I decided to visit my grandma back in my hometown.

My nana and I have a great relationship. She always gives me sound advice about life and how to thrive instead of survive. Her whole-home heating equipment had been having issues for a week, and finding a heating company with available heating technicians had been challenging. They were all fully booked for weeks. Granny has respiratory problems, and the gas fireplace in her living room was doing nothing to help with indoor comfort. When I got there, nana was making my favorite; her prized apple pie. I took the opportunity to examine her heating equipment before the pie was ready. The heat pump was working, but we could not feel the warmth as effectively as when the heat pump installation was done. I ran quality heating maintenance on the device. The exercise brought me to some significant heating repairs. Some components had rust, and we had to replace them with new heating spare parts from the local heating business. The heating dealer was very swift in making the deliveries. I also bought her a smart thermostat and showed her how to operate it. I taught my granny more about heating every time I visited. My five years in the heating industry as an HVAC professional have given me the skills to work alone on any device. Though it took longer, I restored the indoor comfort and got some pie and hot cocoa as a reward. I enjoyed my trip and my time with nana. I was glad to have helped her restore comfort in her home. We had such a great time with her. I stayed over for four days.

heater for sale

A vlog on whole home heating

A fireplace can be a welcome addition to a home to help with indoor comfort and ambiance.

I love everything that has to do with new technology, but what I love more is breaking it down into simple layman’s language that is easy for everyone who watches my online videos to understand. In this video, I talked about new heating equipment available in the market. When looking for a whole home heating device, the cost is one of the essential things people and how effective the unit is, not to mention the service charge by the HVAC professional. Some of the systems in the heating industry can be very expensive to set up, but they do pay for themselves in the long run and even save energy which reduces the energy cost. One can opt for a heat pump installation for an apartment or a small office, allowing for zoning. The hybrid system also consists of a heat pump paired with a furnace. You can also opt for radiant floor heating; with heated floors, there are no cold spots. A heating technician can only install radiant floor heating during the construction of a house or a renovation project. The heating business has all these great HVAC installation options, given that you can add a smart thermostat to switch on or off. A fireplace can be a welcome addition to a home to help with indoor comfort and ambiance. There is also the issue of the kind of services offered by the heating dealer that you choose. The most basic ones are heater maintenance and repair. Every heating company provides these services, but some may be particular to a specific dealer. There is always more to learn about heating since the heating business is continually expanding.



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