Romantic candlelight dinners almost ruin the HVAC

My wife Is awesome in so many ways! That’s not how I would describe myself, but 15 years into our marriage, we are truly happy. However, to win her over back then, I almost ruined my HVAC system! The story is odd, but true. We met at work, both of us just out of college. Broke, with no romance skills, I did the best I could, which meant going with some old-fashioned perceptions. I romanced my wife by cooking for her by candlelight! The first meal I baked for her, I made it casual but lit candles on the dinner table. For some reason, she loved it! She loved how authentic and relaxed it was. I figured it was the candlelight so I kept doing it. What I didn’t realize was that this was bad for my HVAC equipment; all that burnt wax in a small apartment builds in a hurry. After a few dinners, the air filter was covered with a sheet of candle wax.

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Heating and air conditioning repair work belongs to the professionals

Last year, we had to do some creative budgeting.

Reducing our spending and living more frugally was a necessity.

The cause of our financial straits was the pandemic. Straits isn’t the best term, because my wife and I still had our jobs and schooling. Without our jobs – we were working from home – we would have been in dire financial straits! Still, we had to reduce our spending significantly. There was no leaving the home for entertainment, trips, or going out to eat, so the savings there helped. We also saved money in other ways. By mid-summer, though, my wife and I had a problem that caused us to consider a very bad idea. We noticed the air conditioning wasn’t keeping up. The heat pump was running all the time! I decided I could fix this myself by watching some online videos. I convinced myself I could recharge the refrigerant. How I got so overconfident is beyond me! Thankfully, my wife knew how to shut this down, and not to trust someone who had watched some online videos. She scheduled a repair with our HVAC company.


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Getting the heating and air conditioning chores done

I’m trying my best to get better when it comes to getting things done around the house.

This doesn’t come naturally for me, which is a shame because I grew up in an environment in which I could learn to be thrifty.

My dad could fix just about anything around the house. He never fooled with the HVAC system – he left that to the professionals – but, like second nature, he always completed the heating and cooling chores around the house. He worked those projects around his other projects. That’s not how I am. I need to set a reminder on my phone to change the darn filter; even then, I’m not consistent about it! I took a great step in that direction when I called our HVAC company; signing up for their repair plan takes the responsibility off of me! Now, I don’t have to remember to schedule the maintenance every fall and spring, and I’ve remembered to change the filters the last six months in a row! Is that a record? So, I think I’m doing my best at taking care of our HVAC equipment.

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Learning what winter heating is truly about

I used to have no idea what winter was really about.

  • I wasn’t even close to understanding! Growing up in the South, where a heat pump was all that was needed for heating, I had a wondrous idea of what winter was.

Like the Christmas cartoons of my youth, I tagged it as fluffy snow and sledding and similar things. The truth about changing temperatures had no influence on how I viewed a winter in the North. That’s changed, and it’s been quite a wake-up call for me. My wife’s mom lives in the North, and is getting to the point in her advancing years that she needs more care. So, staying in the South wasn’t an option for her. When my wife had the chance to take a job less than an hour away from her mom, it was an easy decision to accept. (I work from home, so I can work from anywhere). I support my wife on this. Living in the North is only temporary, so eventually we’ll be back to our heat pump and air conditioning in the summer. Until then, I am figuring out how to heat our home inexpensively. With the help of our very helpful neighbors, I’ve learned that it’s about keeping our home insulated. With no drafts, it’s easier to control the temperature. This is our third winter here in the frozen North and I’m already busy maintaining our HVAC system.
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Air filtration is everything!

I dislike making sweeping statements because they tend to come back to haunt me.

Sometimes, I can overstate something as being miraculous when it truly isn’t.

That’s why I hesitate when describing how much better our indoor air is thanks to purification, but I love the air inside my home now! That hasn’t been the case for a long time. I didn’t realize our home had problems. It smelled bad; it was a case of stinky airborne aromas. This happens when you have a home full of two boys, dogs, and a cat, along with other problems. Our HVAC equipment simply circulated those smells. This doesn’t even begin to get to the health angle of crisp, clean indoor air, which is what finally sold my wife on an air purification system. For me, the issue was the odors. There was nothing I could do to stop them, come even close to eliminating them! At the risk of carrying on with my sentiments, air purification changed my life, and I’m grateful to have an air purification system.

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