Author: Sally

My last big purchase

Which these days a lot of people who can afford to are actually doing to go ductless and save money on their monthly energy bills The last big purchase I made was the kind I have not made in years and will probably not again for another several years. I invested in a ductless mini […]

Can’t believe it broke this quick

I had bought a smart thermostat from my local heat and a/c company earlier this year and the thing ended up breaking on me within a few weeks! I could not believe this because it was a brand new smart thermostat. I called the heating and air conditioning company to tell them what had happened […]

I do it all myself

I am one who deals with a lot of allergies. Especially because there are a lot of trees on my property. Because of this, I actually trim the trees and cut the weeds myself. I have a special method that I use while wearing a face mask that keeps the allergens from going too crazy […]

The old car

What I may need to do when I have a few extra bucks go into my local auto shop and purchase a car central heating and air conditioning system that was the same brand and model as what I had in my old car if they still make them and if they would work in […]

Was it worth it?

I was recently talked into going all ductless for my heating and air conditioning. It cost me a fortune to do it. And now that it is done, I am kind of having second thoughts. There is nothing I can do about it obviously if I don’t want to throw several thousand dollars down the […]