Finding the best price for a smart regulator

During one of those self-given breaks at work, one of my colleagues told me how she wanted to replace the analog temperature control system with a smart thermostat.

With this, she could change the heat pump settings even from work through an application on her phone.

She would even be able to key in reminders, for instance, for the following heater maintenance, when to change the air filter, and other things. An alarm would go off when it was time. She has a beautiful two-bedroomed condominium that has a heat pump installation. With this programmable regulator, she can turn on the heating or air conditioning in her house before she gets there, and by the time she is home, it is warm and cozy. I decided to help her go through the different heating business websites to find the best deal. Her equipment was already energy efficient, but it would be more pleasing if she found a way to make it more energy-efficient. We came across a heating company website that had discounts on the equipment. I also took the opportunity to learn more about heating and to look at new heating equipment because, during the last service, the HVAC professional told me that my unit had a short period before it gave out. Last week when I inspected the central HVAC duct, I noticed a leak, but duct sealing is something I am good at, so I could fix it. It did a lot to help with indoor comfort. However, my indoor air quality fell, but there was little I could do then. I needed to save more money so that when I went to see the heating dealer, it would be the best HVAC in the heating industry. I would also need money to pay the heating technician to install the whole-home heating equipment.

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I knew better than to skip the call to the HVAC company

When I make mistakes, I often chalk them up to a learning experience.

Without failure, there would never be any sort of achievement.

So, while I don’t enjoy making mistakes or being wrong, I get something out of it and I’m not afraid to be mistaken. However, when it comes to something like HVAC repair and making a stupid choice, it’s much tougher to swallow. This exact scenario happened to me this past summer. We live in a region where the heat pump remains pretty quiet this time of year. Thankfully, our winter is very mild and doesn’t need much heating. So the heat pump gets a well deserved break given the fact that it runs pretty much 8 months of the year. That’s because there is air conditioning demand for that length of time. But the summer, is a whole other animal. So when I came home from the commercial HVAC of the office in mid July, I expected to enjoy the central air conditioning of my house. But what I walked into was a hot, sticky house. Of course, my brain told me to call the HVAC professionals and have them come out to fix it. But my ego had other ideas and I skipped that call to the HVAC company. The fact that the HVAC equipment was still running was the thing that really guided my mistake. I thought perhaps I could poke around and find an obvious problem even though I have no heating and cooling expertise. Of course, I only made the situation worse and eventually had to call the HVAC professionals to come fix the heat pump. The only thing I got out of my adventure into HVAC repair was voiding the warranty on my heat pump.

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Staying home in the air conditioning going forward

It’s like this Covid thing just won’t go away.

Of course, I’m thrilled that there are vaccinations available these days so my life isn’t in danger.

I spent more than 18 months cooped up inside the central air conditioning of my home when the pandemic started. Even if the company had not closed the offices with the zone controlled HVAC, I couldn’t have worked there. That’s due to the fact that I am immuno-compromised and the early days of the pandemic were terrifying for me. And with Covid going on and on, it’s nice that I made the decision to stay home. When the company opened back up and that wonderful zone controlled HVAC was turned back on, I chose a different route. Thankfully, my company was willing to allow me to stay working remotely. That had a lot to do with the fact that my work excelled during the time that I was home in my own air conditioning doing my work. I found out that working from home really is better for me personally. The interruptions and the constant drama in the office had more of an effect on me than I thought. Working from home in the central air conditioning of my house was remarkably better when it came to the quality of my work. So these days, I have my own office that used to be the guest room. I even had the HVAC company come in and install a ductless heat pump so I have the sort of heating and cooling that rivals my old office.

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Home addition gets its own heating and cooling equipment

It was definitely like a game of musical chairs but with much bigger consequences.

  • For a long time in our home, we were one room short.

And we did our best to deal with it. We have a nice home with great central air conditioning but we ended up having one more kid than number of rooms. So once the kids were older, we tried to make it more fair and rotate who had to share a room. That devolved into disaster pretty quick and there was never a quiet moment where I could just come home from work and enjoy the air conditioning. So it was obvious that we either had to move or we had to add a room to our home. Given the current climate on the real estate market in our region, getting a new house was out of the question. My wife and I decided that since we were going to add a room, why not make it for us. We also liked the idea that we are adding value to our home as that is our biggest investment. So we added a master bedroom with an ensuite bathroom. I was surprised that the HVAC contractor couldn’t extend the ductwork to include the new bedroom. But I got a lesson in the fact that HVAC equipment is specifically sized to the air volume of a home. So we ended up with a ductless heat pump and we love it. The ductless heat pump is so quiet and yet produces such quality heating and air. It’s hard to believe that something so small does such a big job so easily.


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Already thinking about saving on HVAC costs this summer

I actually liked going to the mailbox during the summer for the first time last year. That’s because I was actively working to lower the costs of all the air conditioning that we require in this region. For sure, there is no way around living in this part of the country without plenty of air conditioning. But the fact that we were spending more than a car payment for cooling was unacceptable. However, when we first moved here the heat and humidity of this region was just so overwhelming. So all that we could do initially was to lean into the thermostat. While we were comfortable inside the house with all that air conditioning, the costs skyrocketed. But at first, it seemed like that was a fair trade off given how different the summers are down here then what we were accustomed to prior to moving. But after three years of that sort of behavior, I knew we had to change. So I talked to some locals as well as consulting the HVAC company. This was all very informative and I picked up plenty of tips on how to reduce our dependence on air conditioning. I even was able to rely on a checklist from HVAC company. All I had to do was go to the HVAC company website and download this checklist in order to prepare the house for the heat of summer. What I didn’t expect what is how big a difference doing without all that air conditioning made when it came to being outside. The heat was less overwhelming now that we were acclimating to higher temperatures.


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